Sensual erotic Massages
with the Spirit of Tantra

"Fragrant warm oils will be massaged into your skin by sensitive hands, silk caresses your body tenderly. You can loose yourself completely, in a world of of sensual touch, in a world of tenderness and lust..."

Erotic Massage in Berlin for Men & Women

Our Tantra Massage» is a real quality product. It’s a highly sensual and erotic massage ritual that interweaves these elements to a unique work of art. The ritual includes an attentive and extensive genital massage.

The time you spent at  the Lounge is your time – it’s your retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world outside, from all the stress and obligations to “perform well”. Take this special quality time off for yourself – the longer, the better. There is nothing for you to do, nothing to ponder upon. During this time we are exclusively there for you.

Sensual Tantra Massages for men, women and couples at Tantra Center Berlin, a beautiful space for mindful encounter.

Tantra Center Berlin, Alt-Moabit 73, 10555 Berlin
Phone +49 30 26079498 daily 9:30am til 9:30pm